Daniel Hurst is a freelance journalist based in Tokyo and a member of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan. He has more than 10 years of experience working for online and print media in Australia, including coverage of education, health and politics.


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Climate Control

“No sane society would choose to do geoengineering. The fact that we are having to look at it is because the correct course of action requires more courage than the political leadership around the world has,” says Professor John Moore of Beijing Normal University.  Read more →
(Global Ground Media, June 25, 2019) 

Town where nobody's home

Okuma, on Japan’s east coast, used to host a busy community of 10,500 people. But today the houses stand empty. Read more →
(The Guardian, March 9, 2018) 

The making of the Kyoto Protocol

A series marking the 20th anniversary of the world's first legally binding carbon cuts, based on interviews with key players.
Inside the 4am effort to salvage a deal (Asia Times)
Examining Japan's energy policies (Asia Times) →
Heroes and villains (Lowy Institute's Interpreter)
(December 2017) 

Earth, Wood, Dry Hay

“Minka” mourners fear the tearing down of traditional Japanese farmhouses is symbolic of society emphatically turning its back on sustainable, community-minded practices of the past.  Read more →
(Adda, June 11, 2019) 

'They stole my life away'

Junko Iizuka was 16 when she was taken to a clinic for a mystery operation that would prevent her from ever having children. She later found out she was one of 16,500 people subjected to forced sterilisation under a Japanese eugenics law that was aimed at stopping the birth of “inferior” children. Now the victims are making their voices heard.  Read more →
(The Guardian, April 4, 2018) 

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Kim Jong-un offers to shut nuclear test site

The North Korean leader has attempted to revive denuclearisation talks by promising to shut a missile test site under the supervision of international observers.   Read more →
(The Times of London, September 19, 2018)   

North Korea still poses ‘serious and imminent’ threat

Japanese officials say that despite the flurry of international negotiations since the start of the year, the basic threat level remains unchanged.   Read more →
(The Diplomat, August 28, 2018)   

Australia's brutal politics claims yet another leader

Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian PM forced out of office after a party revolt, once likened the country’s revolving door leadership to a soap opera or a gangster movie.  Read more →
(NBC News, August 24, 2018)  

Japan's Shinzo Abe eyes his place in history books

Abe is on the cusp of a remarkable political recovery after a series of scandals, emerging as the front-runner in a party leadership vote in September, experts say.  Read more →
(NBC News, August 20, 2018)  

'Mini-storytellers': children pass on horror of Nagasaki

The 500 students at Shiroyama Elementary School gather in the assembly hall on the ninth day of every month to sing a song. This is no ordinary school anthem, however.  Read more →
(The Guardian, August 2, 2018)  

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